David Yakir of the Yakir Group is Today’s Honoree

For over 20 years, David Yakir has been an entrepreneur, creative-lead and technology strategist in the advertising, media, digital marketing and entertainment space. As an executive, he led one of the first and most successful new media and marketing companies, winning several industry awards. He has also served on the board of two advertising holding companies. In the entertainment arena, he has written and directed for the theater and television in both London and the United States. He is also currently host of  I Heart Radio’s “Yak About Tech”.

In the large Ad-Agency world, David was Chief Digital Officer of Y&R and Wunderman worldwide.

As Founder and CEO, David led Blue Marble in the winning of virtually all major industry awards, as Adweek named Blue Marble “a top five agency” every year of its existence. Blue Marble grew to a global agency of several hundred people and is now a strategic part of the Publicis Group.

David has been instrumental in developing or leading many of the Fortune 500 companies digital strategies including P&G, Continental Airlines, General Motors, Microsoft and Ford.

David was also an investor in the 33Delivered group which provides counsel for companies dedicated to serving the human condition which included institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History.

As a theatre and television producer, director and writer, he worked with Ned Sherrin, CBE, to develop the PBS and Yorkshire Televisions series, “We Interrupt This Week” and “Song by Song.” Other notable works include writing and directing the London musical, “Only in America,” the original “Smokey Joe’s Café.”

As an assistant professor of communications at Baruch College, CIty University of New York, he developed one of the first computerized visual analytic labs for the study of English as a Second Language. This model has been used in many colleges and universities.

The Yakir Group has evolved over the last 9 years,from a marketing and development company to the new, present day entrepreneurial consulting group. For most of its life we were champions of change. CHANGE IS GOOD, CHANGE IS GREAT, CHANGE SUCKS!. And yet, all the while as The Yakir Group addressed rapid changes in communications and marketing, change happened to The Yakir Group business itself.

Visit http://yakirgroup.com/on-a-mission/ for more information.

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