Sydney Paige Founder and CEO Courtney Brockmeyer is Today’s Honoree

With a passion for helping others, an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong-willed nature to overcome barriers that many would tell her were impossible to break through, Courtney left the safety of the corporate world to launch her own Company.  With SYDNEY PAIGE Inc., she brought her tenacity for success and internal pull toward helping others together to create a business that could teach her own children (Paige & Sydney) the importance of giving back and making the world a better place for all.

Originally from Southern California, Courtney currently resides in Moraga, California with her husband, two daughters and three cats.

About Sydney Paige:

Sydney Paige manufactures high-quality backpacks from eco-friendly materials: 100% cotton canvas, natural leather, nickel free hardware and recycled polyester. Its mission has always been to provide a backpack filled with supplies to a child in need for every backpack purchased.

Sydney Paige is providing quality backpacks and school supplies to students impacted by Hurricane Harvey. While first responders work hard to provide much needed shelter, food, water and clothing for Harvey victims, we are running this drive to provide items that students and teachers will need once it is safe to return to school.

Sydney Paige Runs Backpack and School Supply Drive

The victims of Hurricane Harvey have lost so much: homes, cars, belongings. Right now, their immediate needs are food, water, and shelter, butin the coming days and weeks, they’ll need even more.

When schools are able to re-open, many children will be without pens, notebooks, backpacks and other school supplies. Sydney Paige has partnered with Roonga to change that by running a school supply and backpack drive. The goal is to provide 3,000 packs to Hurricane Harvey’s school age victims and their teachers.

The need is anticipated to be large. Low-income children make up more than 75% of the Houston Independent Public School District. Other districts in the area have similar economic conditions making it difficult for families to afford replacing basic school supplies lost in the hurricane.

A backpack and school supplies certainly won’t fill all the needs of child victims, but it’s a start. Letting children know people care can go a long way towards healing while going back to school can provide a small semblance of normalcy in a world that’s been turned upside down.

To help:

About Roonga:

Roonga partners with non-profits to provide the right quantities of necessary supplies to those who need them.

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