International Entrepreneur Sohan Gokarn is Today’s Honoree

Sohan is an international trainer and a motivational speaker who helps people and businesses to get past what stops them from getting what they want in life-mainly related to three things: health, wealth and relationships. Prior to establishing his speaking business, he spent over six years as a communication skills trainer.

Sohan offers a wide range of programs and services – from Keynote Speeches to Corporate Consulting and Motivational Seminars. He specializes in coaching people and businesses on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, sales, motivation, training, building self-confidence and more to help them build and achieve new levels of success.

After a successful career in the corporate training industry, he now inspires other people to achieve success. He is no stranger to the speaking industry. He spent over six years as a Corporate Trainer and a Keynote Speaker. Sohan’s teachings, coaching sessions and inspirational workshops have helped thousands to become better than they were and have empowered and inspired them to live better lives both, personally and professionally.

My Vision

“I dream of millions of people and businesses making worthwhile accomplishments. I dream of millions raising happiness and living extraordinary lives. Share my vision. See the real change for yourself.”
– Sohan Gokarn
Visit for more information.
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