7 Keys to Serenity Author Serge Mazerand is Today’s Honoree

Are you losing sleep over the relentless stream of disturbing news? From political strife to humanitarian issues to the devastating wrath of Mother Nature, it’s become nearly impossible not to let headlines shake us. In fact, for the better part of a year, Americans have been experiencing increased anxiety levels. We hate feeling helpless, but what good are we to others if we allow our own health to deteriorate? How can we create a strategy of self-care?

Serge Mazerand believes the answer lies in something unexpected: music. In the compelling new book 7 Keys to Serenity: Creating Harmony Within, Mazerand – renowned composer and inspirational speaker – reveals how we can harness the incredible power of music to find inner peace amidst turmoil.

It all starts with the seven basic keys of music: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Mazerand explains how each key corresponds to seven crucial words we should identify and implement in order to redirect our energy. The key principle of musical harmony is “balanced combinations:” the same applies to our life. This principle is more important in these times than ever before.

Serge Mazerand is an improvisational pianist and composer of healing music. He records and writes under the private label and brand, Keys to Serenity®.

Born in France, Mazerand established a profound kinship with nature and music very early in his life. After leaving his international corporate career, he transformed from a man of action into a man of reflection when he settled on the banks of an enchanted river in British Columbia, Canada.

Mazerand is available as an inspirational speaker and musician to set the tone at conferences and events that focus on health and wellness, spirituality and self-empowerment. 7 Keys to Serenity is his first book.

Visit http://www.keystoserenity.com/about/ for more information.

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