Traveler and Award Winning Author Dr. Rodney Romig is Today’s Honoree

Life-long traveler and award-winning author Dr. Rodney Romig has lived and worked in Asia (Japan, Korean, Taiwan, and Thailand) and Europe (Germany, England, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Scotland, and Italy) as well as the Hawaiian islands.

After spending more than three decades outside the continental United States, Dr. Romig has returned home and is now focused on exposing Americans to cultures and ideas from around the world.


In the Dr. Dan Trix mystery series, Dr. Romig takes readers on global adventures with an unlikely intellectual hero, examining contemporary issues like gun control, opioid abuse, and government corruption. In one story, Trix goes inside a gypsy village to uncover the greed and internal politics corrupting the growth of Romanian wine industry.

Dr. Romig says he aims to make the setting of each of story as memorable as his characters. He continues, “I believe you cannot truly understand your values until they are juxtaposed against others. I didn’t understand what it meant to be a protestant from the Midwest until I witnessed the scattering of ashes in a Buddhist cemetery in Asia.”

The newest installment in the Trix series, Solar Flare, is available now at on (with free access for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Review access is available upon request. Please let me know if you would like to arrange an interview or learn more.

About Dr. Romig:

Dr. Rodney Romig is the award-winning author behind the Dr. Dan Trix mystery series, seven standalone novels featuring an intellectual hero whose adventures take readers all over the world. A former expat and life-long traveler, Dr. Romig has a PhD in economics from the University of Nebraska and is the former dean of the College of Business Administration at Hawaii Pacific University.

Visit for more information.

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