Podcast Host Jamie Godfrey is Today’s Honoree

Me Current.jpgPicture it.  Rural Wisconsin.  Many years ago.  A designer was born (me!).  I took piano lessons, studied French, taught myself how to sew, drew floor plans of elaborate mansions, and constantly sought to create beauty in the world.

Fast forward to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  With the backdrop of an urban chaos, I refined and honed my skills.  Sketching, drafting patterns, arranging color palettes.  I fell in love with all things handmade, opting to sew, embroider and even bead by hand instead of by machine.  An obsession was born.

After having designed, developed, sourced and produced a wide range of products for Martha Stewart Living, Ralph Lauren and C. Wonder, I launched my own line of heirloom quality, handmade, handcrafted items for the home.


I’m asked all the time: What’s your podcast about?  ‘Lots’ is the immediate response that pops in my head.  At its heart are two things really – to keep me (and you!) accountable to your goals and to make our lives better.  To entertain and inspire.  And always done (hopefully!) with grace and humor.

The podcast, then called Balance, was born on my 39th birthday as a means to stay on track for one goal: to get into the best shape of my life by my 40th birthday.  Each week, I would sit behind the mic and talk about my progress on the scale.  I soon realized that no one wants to listen to me blab about my weight for a half hour.  I began adding in a wide range of topics that I wanted to explore.  To work on the inside of me as well as the exterior me.  I hit my goal head on, losing 40+ pounds in the first year.  The show continued on as The Jamie Show.

The world and the people in it fascinate me.  Each episode is a reflection of my curiosity and wonder.  Guests, from all disciplines, have come on the show and shared their insights and passions with us.

Spend 30(ish) minutes of your week with me.  Together we’ve got this.

Visit https://www.jamiegodfrey.com/my-story/ for more information.

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