Mindset and Performance Coach Heather Gray is Today’s Honoree

Heather Gray is a clinically trained Mindset and Performance coach at Choose to Have it All.com. Working online, Heather helps online entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners identify what it is that they want but don’t have and teaches the movement required to get it. Moving beyond pithy and motivating memes, Heather breaks down the necessary steps her clients need to achieve success and supports them through each step of the process.

After running a private therapy practice for ten years, Heather is now building her second successful business. Heather uses her twenty years of clinical experience to teach her clients the necessary skills for combatting fear, managing self doubt, and shutting down the inner critic we sometimes hear in our heads. Heather’s clients uplevel their lives and their businesses with her direct, approachable style.

In addition to working 1:1 with clients as they build businesses and uplevel, Heather has been hired by the Screw the Nine to Five University Community, run by Jill and Josh Stanton, to offer their 800+ members monthly mindset coaching as they build their businesses.

In addition to her blog, you can find Heather’s writing on GoalCast.com, Entrepreneur.com, and The Good Men Project, where she served as Lead Editor for two years. Recently featured on The Smart People Podcast, you can also listen to Heather on the Coach K Show or listen to her offer live coaching on the Having it A.L.L. podcast.

Visit http://www.choosetohaveitall.com/about/ for more information.

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