America’s Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman is Today’s Honoree

Jordan Goodman is known as America’s Money Answers Man because he has been answering Americans’ personal financial questions for about 40 years. You can see more about him at his website He was on the editorial staff at MONEY Magazine for 18 years, NBC News for 9 years, Marketplace radio for 6 years, covering every aspect of personal financial topics. He has written 14 books including Master Your Debt, Fast Profits in Hard Times and the Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms. He is a regular commentator on numerous radio and TV shows across America and gives practical advice on how to do better with your money along with specific resources to put his advice into action.

Previous podcast appearances:

Joe Fairless Best Real Estate Investing show; Jim Beach’s School for Startups;
Debt Free Divas; The Real Deal with Jason Silverman; Taming the High Cost of College with Brad Baldridge; Planet Boomerville; The Not Old–Better Show, plus the many media outlets mentioned in his bio!

Web addresses and social media:

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