Podcast Host Kaitlyn S. C. Hatch is Today’s Honoree

About the show

Everything is Workable is a podcast that explores the fundamental workability of life. Through personal reflections & interviews, Kaitlyn works to share the many paths we can take to be of benefit. She invites guests to share their practice & the tools that help them with whatever they may encounter in their life, be it Orisha, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or something of their own making. 

Ideal Collaborator

An audio engineer with a passion for social engagement & 2 to 5 hours a month to work on show production. (It’s a bonus if you live in Vancouver, Canada but not a requirement.)

Perks for you

As it says above, this is currently an unpaid role, but as soon as there’s funding, early collaborators will be the first to see it.

I’m not gonna do that annoying ‘think of the exposure’ or ‘this will be good for your portfolio’. That’s for YOU to decide & not a selling point.

The perk I want to offer with this position is an opportunity for you to use your skills to be of benefit. If you’ve been lamenting how you can help contribute to making the world a bit kinder, this is an opportunity for that.

Of course you will be credited for your work in every episode you help produce, & I will totally sing your praises, offer myself up as a reference & treat you to dinner as often as I can.

About this project

Sonam Press is the seed of an idea for a customised, cooperative approach to book production & publishing. While working on the publication of Friends We Haven’t MetKaitlyn conceived of the idea of a co-operative publishing house that could work collaboratively with authors from editing to design to printing & distribution.

Sonam Press will also specialise in bringing marginalised voices out of the margins. This isn’t about tokenism, it’s about accurate representation & an honest reflection of the world in which live.

Ideal Collaborators

An editor with a great eye for detail & a desire to see intersectional main characters & skin tones that don’t sound like the description of a dessert menu. 

Someone with a background in or knowledge of Canadian corporate law looking to use these skills for social action. ​

Writers with completed manuscripts featuring characters that move away from tired tropes & challenge what we think it means to be a hero, an American or ‘average’. Essayists (bloggers) who write thought provoking pieces & have a growing body of work. Poets with pieces that inspire contemplation & self-reflection.  

Perks for you

While these are all currently unpaid roles, this project is intended to be for profit & with enough collaborators, will be something we can turn into an official co-operative.  Visit http://www.kaitlynschatch.com/podcast.html for more information.
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