Podcast Host Paul Potratz is Today’s Honoree

“It’s Who You Are, Not What You Do” – Why Not Both?

We usually think of “who we are” and “what we do” as being two different things. If someone asks you who you are, you might respond by talking about things like your background or history, your interests, or your values and morals. If someone asks you what you do, chances are they want to know about your job or profession – how you make a living. The common expression says, “It’s who you are, not what you do,” but who says it can’t be both?

When I was first starting out in the professional world, I spent years doing jobs I hated just to pay the bills and counting down the hours until I could leave the office and go home. But if you’re spending every day waiting for it to be over, what are you actually striving for? Your goal should be to merge who you are with what you do – incorporate what you stand for into your work – so that going to work doesn’t actually feel like “work.”

The day I realized this was the day my life changed. I stopped working jobs I didn’t care about and started making my dream of becoming a professional photographer a reality. I pooled my creative talent with my analytical skill and made a living for myself. Eventually, this led to me building my own marketing agency from the ground up. Now, my wife Christy and I own and operate Potratz, a brand experience and engagement agency in Schenectady, NY.

Visit http://www.paulpotratz.com/about-paul/ for more information.

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