Unity With Pam Television Show Host Pam Willis-Hovey is Today’s Honoree

Pam Willis-Hovey is a native of Columbus, Georgia. She is married to retired Sgt. Harry R. Hovey, and is the stepmother of three children. At the age of 18, Pam started a janitorial service. This business has since grown and is still serving the Columbus & surrounding areas today. Pam is a member of the Move of God Ministries, Church of God in Christ. She assists her parents, Pastor Will A. Willis, Jr. and Co-Pastor Emma Willis with many of the church programs. She is also a Sunday school teacher at the church.

Pam’s Accomplishments:

I am a graduate of Shaw High School with a vocational diploma. I also opened up a janitorial service in 1992 during my senior year. I also furthered my education by going to Columbus Technical College and studying computer technology. I also received an award, called Great Expectations, from WRBL News Channel 3 for starting a business at the age of 18 years old. In 2001, I was featured on Black Entertainment Television for advocating for senior citizens who were being overcharged on their life insurance because their race. That started House Bill 1078 that deals with industrial life insurance policies and a new law was passed. In 2003, I organized the Men and Women of Faith Conference, which addresses unity of all kinds of people, businesses, churches, and even health issues. In April 2006, our mayor Bob Poydasheff gave our church a proclamation for this great conference. In 2005, because of this great hunger for Unity in the community, I have been blessed with my own television show called Unity with Pam, which airs on Mondays on WYBU at 7pm. We started UWP Kids Broadcast Program in 2013 at Wesley Heights Elementary School. I just released a romance novel in 2015 called Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

Visit http://unitywithpam.org/about.aspx for more information.

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