Outlier Magazine CEO Ever Gonzalez is Today’s Honoree

About Ever:

Ever is a serial entrepreneur and is currently the Founder and CEO of Outlier, an online publication, physical co-working space, and conference series geared toward the dynamic community of startups and entrepreneurs.

A true outlier, Ever has always enjoyed taking “the road less traveled” in every aspect of his life. When he’s not busy with Outlier, Ever spends time with his wife and children traveling, playing, and looking forward to raising the next generation of entrepreneurs.

More about Outlier:

Outlier Magazine is an online publication geared toward the dynamic community of startups and entrepreneurs; a network of founders, investors and business owners from around the world. It is a forum in which to connect and collaborate, to mentor and be mentored, and to share the experiences of creating and growing a company. It is dedicated to providing the knowledge, tools and insight needed to propel a company from its foundation to its ultimate potential.

Visit http://outliermagazine.co/about/ for more information.

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