Princess Power Blogger Nedalee Thomas is Today’s Honoree

Nedalee Thomas is an author, speaker, mother, grandmother, former foster mother, and the founder of seven companies and a non-profit organization.

Nedalee went from being a penny pinching homemaker in a mobile home to owning her own multi-million dollar company and living her dream life in Orange County California.

When she’s not working, teaching or volunteering, Nedalee can be found at her favorite spot on the beach, kayaking, or dancing the night away, all while still living within her means after donating the majority of her income to charity.

 (In Nadalee’s own words)

Hi, I’m Nedalee Thomas and I have a boatload of life experience that I believe can bless and help others grow on many levels.I come from very humble beginnings. I pretty much raised myself, and I often say that I was parented by wolves, as one of my family members had a brain tumor and never had time for me.

When I look at my life within the condensed little nutshell of a couple of paragraphs, the shocking and salacious details go something like this:

I experienced the loss of my father through divorce by 2 years old, was molested by age 4, and sent to live with my grandparents by age 4 1/2.

My mom died in a car accident at age 29. I was 12.

I was raped at age 14 and lived in a neighborhood that had 5 suicides in 1 year.

I married at 18, and parented 19 kids on basically one income for 22 years before the love of my life left me for someone else. I have been abused by one husband, cheated on by two, and divorced twice.

My homeless, mentally ill brother passed away last year.

While that all sounds like a downer, I learned many lessons with each experience. I’m nobody’s victim.

I have overcome a lot and consider myself a life learner; with a resume like that perhaps you will understand why I would be a self-help junkie, and I love to share what I have learned with others.

I basically became an overachiever in life to get any kind of attention that I could since I was ignored as a child.

I collected celebrity signatures and made them into award-winning museum quality quilts. I’ve started 7 businesses, grew a business to 2.2 million dollars in sales by its second year, wrote 2 books, traveled to many places around the world and lead an amazing, happy, and abundant life.

The first book I wrote is to help parents and is called The Desperate Parents Handbook. And the other is a 5 DVD series and a workbook called Princess Power. It empowers women to be better wives, mothers, givers, savers and money makers. My favorite money saving tip is in there and it’s how to save 67% on your groceries while getting twice as much food!

I like to write because in one of my favorite books, the Bible, it says the older women should teach the younger women.

We all make mistakes when we’re young and think we are invincible. But one of my mottos in life has been–whenever possible–to “learn from other people’s mistakes.” Here I humbly share my mistakes and my joys so that my readers can grow as well.

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