Mama B. Designs Founder Nadine Bubeck is Today’s Honoree

As a preemie parent, I am genuinely passionate about our partnership with March of Dimes. My first pregnancy was very rocky. At 20 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa. My gyno informed me I would likely endure multiple bleeding episodes, be put on hospitalized bed rest, and birth a premature baby, all of which happened. My first born arrived six weeks early, at four pounds eleven ounces. A total fighter living up to his name, Nicholas, meaning victorious.

He spent seven nights in the NICU, or should I say WE spent seven nights in the NICU- as I didn’t leave his side. Luckily, our little man powered through, and our NICU stay was short. Our story doesn’t compare to the many preemie stories I have heard. My baby’s life wasn’t at risk, I could hold him, and he was healthy. With that being said, it was still an emotionally overwhelming, life-changing undertaking.

But even a bumpy journey can still be a beautiful experience.

I was overcome with the magnitude of motherhood, and the gift of children has taught me perspective, patience, and unconditional love. Nicholas is now a thriving three year old and big brother to Zachary. My boys are my world, and I want to make them proud.

I am so incredibly thrilled to partner Mama B. Designs with March of Dimes, a foundation determined to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. March of Dimes serves as a resource for families, funds essential prematurity research, and holds hundreds of annual events uniting parents of preemies nationwide. It is a beautiful organization, and one that speaks to my heart.

We thought it extremely fitting to create a Miracle Line for men, women and children. By wearing our apparel, you are stylishly spreading prematurity awareness and directly supporting the foundation. We donate a substantial 50% of the retail price of each Miracle Line item sold. All our original apparel is high-quality and professionally printed with simple yet fitting words and phrases that represent our mission. (We also sell additional inventory that you might find fun!) Our stuff is fashion forward and comfortable.

Visit for more information.

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