Author Dr. Aneesh Singla is Today’s Honoree

The news is daily and constant about the opioid epidemic, offering stats, tragedies and more about how we deal with pain–and its growing. Harvard-trained, DC-area pain specialist, Dr. Aneesh Singla is a unique new source who can help with your pain management and health coverage and can discuss:

-As patients and physicians working together, how aggressively should we treat pain?

-What is “good” pain versus “bad” pain?

-When pain is truly unavoidable, how do we make the best of the situation?

-How do we become better equipped to use our pain as the powerful adaptive tool that it can be?”

In fact, his new book, Why It Hurts: A Physician’s Insights on the Purpose of Pain (May 9th, 2017), discusses that pain helps reveal the root causes of what ails us. It is a highly developed alarm system the body uses to help us prevent further injury and properly attend to our underlying conditions. A veteran speaker and easy-to-understand academic, in an educational and eye-opening interview, Dr. Singla can help with stories that cover:

-The impact holiday stress can have on our pain levels

-How the cold weather may change your chronic pain this winter

-How we can better cope with pain in our lives?

-If medicine could shut off pain completely, what would happen?

-Are opioid painkillers the only option to treat serious pain?

-How we are in the midst of an opiate crisis with over 24K overdoses per year in the U.S.

-How large and how expensive of a problem chronic pain is in the U.S.

Visit for more information.

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