Author Gwendolen Wilder is Today’s Honoree

Gwendolen Wilder endured the physical, financial, psychological, and emotional abuse of domestic violence in both a common-law and traditional marriage for twenty-one years. Her new book, It’s OK To Tell My Story! Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence is a work of fiction based on her real-life experiences. The book details the reality of the continuous betrayals, lack of affection, cruel words, and violent outbursts that so many domestic violence victims endure – and shows how victims can finally get out from under their abusers.

Wilder is an Air Force veteran and a successful business owner who now works with domestic violence victims.

· Her personal experiences dealing with domestic violence, and how she became a survivor
· Practical advice for women who are currently in abusive relationships about how to start the process of leaving their abusers
· Early warning signs that a significant other may become violent and abusive
· Advice for bystanders on ways to truly help victims of domestic violence
· Violence in the workplace: why company leaders should care, and what they can do about it

Gwendolen Wilder served honorably for twenty-one years in the United States Air Force as an Equal Opportunity Director, Alternate Dispute Resolution Director, Education and Training Instructor, and Logistical Readiness Officer, both in the continental U.S. and abroad. While still in the Air Force, Wilder started her own small business, The Mediation and Equal Opportunity Resolution Center (ME Resolution Center), which provided a connection for a more positive work-life balance through investigations, mediations, training, counseling, coaching, and Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy.

Wilder’s combined military experience, educational expertise, real-life experiences, and natural counseling ability enabled her to help clients identify the root causes of their challenges, while she inspired motivation and provided resourceful tools so that they could attain their emotional, physical, and/or business goals. Wilder successfully retired her business in 2016 in order to focus on continuing her personal self-management, traveling, and writing books centered on domestic violence.

As an author and motivational consultant, she provides clients with intensive tailored coaching experiences focused on self-management, business management, and domestic violence. Wilder’s second book, Managing Domestic Violence In The Workplace will be published later this year.

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