Author Mary Bosiu is Today’s Honoree

The more capable, integrated and satisfied individuals are the better they are able to fulfill their responsibilities whether at work, at home or as community members. Maseru, Lesotho, based Advocate and author Mary Bosiu has made it her mission to help teach the skills across a wide range of mediums both in her country and to the world. So far the results have been remarkable.

In her effort to help people live fulfilling lives Advocate Mary Bosiu has devoted herself to the art of personal development. This has led to winning many prestigious awards, along with Bosiu developing a wide range of
seminar courses aimed at helping achieving these goals, in addition to her authoring three inspirational books. Recently, Bosiu has stepped out announcing an interest in appearing in positive minded media appearances in an effort to share even more value through her knowledge, experience and work.

“Service Excellence, Leadership Skills, Stress Management, Financial Wisdom, Team Building – these are have been and will continue to be focuses of my work,” commented Bosiu. “There’s so much need for clarity and guidance in these areas and I’m very honored to be considered an expert in helping people develop stronger abilities and control over these aspects of their lives.”

According to the author, her latest book, “Success Fundamentals Vol. II: Nuggets & Pearls Of Wisdom To Help You Manage Thoughts & Deal With Worry & Fear”, tackles the need to be able to control the mind, if a person ever wants to be truly happy. It’s been fully embraced by readers and opened the door for many recent breakthrough experiences for Bosiu. Some highlights have included Standard Lesotho Bank, one of the largest banks in her native country Lesotho, giving away her book in a major event where popular
American singer Syleena Johnson spoke; being selected as an expert guest on the television show “Debt and How to Get out of the Debt Trap”; and being invited to create a leadership training module for the GBR Leadership Academy based in South Africa.

Not surprisingly Bosiu’s work has inspired quite passionate feedback. Internal Auditor, Ministry of Justice, from Lesotho, recently said, “I think this is the best workshop that I have ever attended. It made me realize that I can make the difference and touch the lives of other people by being the best servant and applying the techniques I have just learned.”

Advocate Mary Bosiu is available to collaborate with reporters and other media figures with interviews or articles on her expertise about life changing strategies that can be transformative in all the best ways.

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