Plush Size Owner Courtney Harris is Today’s Honoree

Courtney Harris is the owner of Plush Size located in Columbus Ga. Plush Size is an organization for plus size women. We participate in various photo shoots and events throughout the year. Plush Size was formed in October 2016 when women came together to support Breast Cancer Awareness month by doing a photo shoot. We invite all plus size women to come out to join us monthly. Plush Size gives women a boost of self confidence and a push to start their modeling journey. PS wants every woman to know that she is beautiful and loved just the way she is.

Plush Size envisioned building and empowering plus size women everywhere. In an industry that revolves around an image of a size 2, plush knows the struggles the average woman faces daily. Self-acceptance & Self-confidence have been each woman’s hurdle at a moment in life.

With a passion and drive for not only building yet as well representing amazing, beautiful, curvy women, Plush Size is making an imprint on the industry with no sight of stopping. In addition, Plush Size offers model portfolio building, booking as well as many other opportunities.

PSM prides itself on development and self-confidence while scouting newly undiscovered talent and creating a support team that persistently pushing each woman to their full potential while continuous expanding opportunities for all talent.

Are you a aspiring model ? Or simply are looking for more information on how to branch out in the fashion industry? We here at plush have many opportunities for you contact Plush Size today.

Courtney is also a Director with Rubies 2 Diamonds which is an outreach program for young girls ages 6-16. Visit us at

In order for our females to blossom into successful young women, they must be given the opportunity to learn different trades. At Rubies 2 Diamonds we specialize in presenting training programs with a fun twist. We offer a variety of different training programs including:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Basic Sewing
  • Basic Car Maintenance
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning and more

In addition, Rubies 2 Diamonds offer a mentoring program where topic ranging from sexual health, social relations and employment opportunities can be discussed. Our educator and mentors will help youth who feel lost and alone. By pairing young women with established female mentors. We hope to encourage rubies to develop into diamonds.

Visit for more information.

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