Popular Beauty Inc., CEO Alfinike Love is Today’s Honoree

popularbeautyAlfinike, known as “A.Love” by her devotees, strives to create today’s most sought after hairstyles through a combination of charisma, skill, and artistic flair. The San Diego-born hair genius embraces her New York and Atlanta heritage to inspire her innovative approach. The resultant superfly vibe is unrivaled in the hair scene. Whether it’s an updo for that special night out, or a trendy cut to complement your natural locks, A.Love has the styling solution.

A.Love CEO of Popular Beauty Inc., currently lives, loves, and works in Phoenix, Arizona catering to a diverse and devoted clientele. Popular Beauty boasts an array of virgin hairs, cosmetics, and A.Love’s own line of all natural products. Her patented oils, beauty teas, and scalp cleansers are carefully designed to soothe, smooth, and sculpt all types, textures, and styles of hair. Growing in leaps and bounds, this classy little boutique attracts a clientele devoted to improved hair health and an array of all-natural products.  

A protege of Kim Kimble, A.Love has worked with a multitude of celebrities and their wives in preparation for red carpet events, high-end fashion shows, and political events. On- or off-camera, her unique hairstyles kept them picture perfect. Through her mentor, A.Love developed the ability to recreate looks through visuals and descriptions, allowing her to literally draw inspiration from thin air. She puts this talent to good use at Popular Beauty Inc., where her talents include (but are definitely not limited to) extensions, natural locks, updo’s, fantasy styles, and natural hair.

At Popular Beauty Inc., the passion and energy is evident in every aspect your experience! A.Love and her all-natural products are here to spread a message of love, confidence, and health, one person at a time.

Visit http://popularbeautyinc.moonfruit.com/about/4592714295 for more information.

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