Artist Ivette Cabrera is Today’s Honoree

ivetteIvette Cabrera is a Nicaraguan born artist whose work is inspired by powerful women who have changed the course of history. She works in attempt to highlight and breakdown the barriers the society has presented upon women. Many of the subjects in her art include women wearing headdresses. Cabrera states on the subject: “I want women to question their own identity so the headdress art is abstract, showing that every woman wears a crown.”

Cabrera’s uses her background in studying architecture as a way to channel her creativity into art. She has also opted for public art along with her drawings. The artist has stated that she has been inspired by architect Zaha Hadid, along with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright and many admirers of her work have testified to the voice the influence brings to her art.

Cabrera comments about her art: “The subjects for my work are women from various cultures. My research has led me to find important women who changed the course of history, sometimes by creating rituals to glorify certain women or by breaking all cultural barriers in a society that devalued their worth. As a woman, I feel that it is important to represent and tell their story. In visual art, it is both important to convey powerful messages to the viewer and to represent a beauty which entices the viewer to search deeper. The subjects of my work are beautiful women. But what makes them beautiful is how we see the power of their presence reflected back at us.”

About Ivette Cabrera:

Ivette Cabrera is a Nicaraguan born artist who currently resides in Wynwood. After studying Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University and Marketing at Columbia College in Chicago, she began an art collective and artist residency in Wynwood in 2012 called Viophilia as an artistic sanctuary for artists to work intensively on their craft. She has curated numerous art shows as well as worked on various projects, including site renderings, interior renovations, and public art murals, as well as designing and constructing a house in Nicaragua. Her work has been part of numerous exhibitions, displayed at the Baker Museum in Naples, Florida, and is part of numerous private collections.

Please visit for more information about Ivette Cabrera.

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