Serial Startups Podcast Team of Tom and Ariana Sylvester are Today’s Honoree

tomarianaTom, Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Father and Avid Call of Duty Player

Most relationships have two types of people, one entrepreneur, and one rational person.  In this relationship, Tom is definitely the entrepreneur. Tom has a varied background, with formal education consisting of BA in Computer Science and a MS in Business Management, among a variety of certifications.  Tom has worked with a variety of organizations, from startups to Fortune 50 companies, focused on Product Development and Information Technology.  Basically, he is an expert at understanding how to design and create products, from information to software.  Additionally, he has deep knowledge and experience helping organizations and individuals become more productive by removing waste and finding where the remaining time should be focused to maximize value. As an entrepreneur, Tom has started a variety of companies.  Some were not successful, but several were, which are still running today.  It took several years of pleading and convincing, but eventually Tom was able to get Ariana to join him and they now work on their business together.

Ariana, Reality Checker, Wife, Mother and Chai Lover

If Tom is the entrepreneur, then Ariana is definitely the everything else in the businesses and their relationship. Ariana went to college for the most obvious degree that would help become an entrepreneur… Zoology.  Ok, so maybe not, but that $50,000 education did help when coming up with the name for one of the many failed businesses.  After realizing that a career in Zoology was not likely to happen, Ariana tried out several office jobs.  When she become a mother, she was able to stay home and get paid from the two successful businesses that they had started. As reluctant as she was at the beginning, these days you can find her balancing a baby on her hip, while making some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, all while managing and automating the existing businesses so that the focus can be on starting new ones.

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