Comedian Damon Rozier is Today’s Honoree

damonrozierMy name is Damon Rozier and I have been blessed to bring laughter, joy, smiles and happiness in to the hearts and lives of thousands of people over the past 10 years. I was born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY, one of America’s toughest neighborhoods, It was here I gained the tough skin needed to succeed doing comedy. I was in a devastating motor cycle accident in 1997, breaking my neck in two places and leaving me chest down paralyzed. After spending countless hours watching comedy shows and never seeing a person in wheel chair performing I decided I would break that barrier and enter the world of “stand-up comedy”. By developing my own unique brand of “sit-down” comedy I have brought laughter in to the worlds of millions while educating them on the wheel chair life style. I’ve reached diverse audiences and continue to overcome challenges in the entertainment world.

In addition to the comedy I have been blessed to do motivational speaking. Many people get inspired by the fact that I do comedy and I am in a wheel chair but that is just the tip of the iceberg. I am the captain of the professional NY Warriors. This is the local rugby team and we compete al across the country. In my 16 years of playing rugby I have won multiple tournament M.V.P. Awards in addition to helping lead my team to the National Tournament in 2010. I also teach a sit aerobics class at the St. Johns Recreation Center in Brooklyn, NY. I have been blessed to push and finish in 9 NYC/ING Marathons.

While these are all great accomplishments, my biggest and proudest accomplishment has been being able to raise my 2 handsome sons. They are my pride and joy. They were only 1, and 2 years old when I was in my accident and have never known me to walk but still we have a great father and son relationship. Since they were infants I promised myself I would never let them view me as handicapped. I coached their little league baseball team, attend all their bowling meets and got them involved in swimming and basketball at early ages to keep them busy when they are not attending school. My oldest son, Damon Jr., graduated High School in 2013 and his brother Dashaun graduated in June 2014. They are both tremendous bowlers with averages in the 180’s. Every summer I take them on a vacation that they can appreciate and share with their friends. Over the years we have gone to Lake George, Six Flags, Dave & Busters, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Gran Turks and St. Thomas.

I would really love to bring my story and comedy to your next venue so please contact me and yes I am very negotiable with my price but realize I have to hungry teenage boys eating up all my money. I wish you all health and prosperity.

Visit for more information.

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