DiMare Design Founder Deborah Rosenberg is Today’s Honoree

deborahrosenberg“The place we live in can and should do three things: reflect who we are, bring out the best in us, and contribute to a better world.”

That is the driving principle behind the beautiful and trendsetting work of interior designer Deborah Rosenberg, founder of DiMare Design, Miami. DiMare Design offers ultra luxury custom interior design services, space planning and remodeling throughout the United States and internationally. Deborah’s design philosophy is based upon cruelty-free design, wellness/sensory environments and sustainable sourcing.

DiMare Design focuses on humane interiors. Passionate about animal rights, Deborah enjoys educating her clients about cruelty-free (vegan) design. “If I can bring awareness to the inhumane treatment of animals by demonstrating that ultra-luxury interiors can be created without endangering the lives of animals, then I’m doing my part. There are endless options for durable luxury fabrics and environmentally sustainable materials that are not made from animals or that don’t result in ecological damage threatening other species… or our own.”

Deborah’s approach to her award-winning luxury projects is also sensory. She combines specific textures, scents and colors to create optimal wellness/healthy environments for the sensory needs unique to each and every one of us. Benefits range from stress relief and increased optimism, to relieving allergy symptoms and providing a peaceful milieu for those with particular needs, such as children or adults in the spectrum of Autism.

Deborah Rosenberg was a featured interior designer on TLC, has appeared on NBC’s ‘The Today Show’ and continually lectures and writes articles on Humane Design and Sensory Design.

Deborah was born and raised in New York. She moved to Miami in 1997 and has enjoyed raising her daughters in Florida. She and the family, including Lucca their dog, enjoy their free time on the beautiful beaches of Miami. She is an advocate for animal rights.

DiMare Design has served South Florida, Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Fisher Island, Sunny Isles, Golden Beach, Aventura, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Coral Gables and Pinecrest. Nationally: New York, California, and New Jersey. Internationally: Europe, South America, Asia and the Bahamas.

Visit http://www.dimaredesign.com/about/ for more information.

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