Author Carol Talbot is Today’s Honoree

caroltalbotCarol Talbot (, author of the soon-to-be-released book YOU The Divine Genius, is a motivational speaker who has delivered inspiring messages to corporations and conferences in more than 20 countries. She is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a Certified Trainer of hypnosis and a Certified Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy.

In addition, she is a Master Firewalk Instructor, firing up teams and groups to walk across burning hot coals. Talbot also is the Amazon bestselling author of Hitting the Wall … and Breaking Through.

For as long as she can remember Carol has had a personal passion to help people. Or more correctly to help people help themselves.

What gives Carol a “buzz” is to make you think differently, but it doesn’t stop there Carol seeks to empower people, to work with them to help them create and enhance their “energy within” so they get “fired up” to take action.

Because, until someone uses the knowledge and energy… and takes action …it doesn’t count. 

More and more Carol is drawn to speak, as she finds she can feed the energy in a room and lift the audience to higher levels. The response to Carol as a motivational or subject matter speaker at conferences, events or team building workshops is always the same. “Wow!”  So if you are looking to give you conference, event or team a real boost and want a real Wow effect Carol should be on your short list.

Visit for more information.

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