Ruth Rumack of Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space is Today’s Honoree

ruthrumackFifty-two percent of adults in the United States and 49 percent of adults in Canada continue to possess literacy skills too low to be considered fully competent for most jobs in our modern economy (PIAAC, 2012). But some believe that incorporating playtime into reading skills is an innovative and effective way to encourage successful reading skills.

Veteran educator and academic support specialist Ruth Rumack founded Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space Inc. to do just that: incorporate phonetic building blocks with playtime. She has now released her new children’s book series, the Alpha-Mania Adventures, as an innovative five-book set that ignites imagination and gives children the foundation to become capable and joyful readers.

alphamaniaInteractive, entertaining, and educational, the Alpha-Mania Adventures series:

· Help pre-reading children learn five phonological awareness skills—rhyming, blending, alliteration, segmenting, and sound manipulation—through captivating, pirate-themed stories
· Contain phonics activities, which ask children to “hunt” for letters and objects within captivating, colorful illustrations
· Include an introduction on phonological awareness and phonics for parents & educators, and valuable guides on letter sounds and formations
· Allow parents to bond with their children while creating a stress-free educational environment
· Promote learning in an active, playful, and memorable way

About the Creator:

After completing her Bachelor of Education, Ruth Rumack started her career as a Children’s Program Director at a community centre. It was at this time that Ruth began working with students privately, supporting their academic needs. Her practice quickly grew from her living room to the 3000 square foot office that Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space currently occupies, employing close to 25 full-time certified educators, designers, and support staff. As an educator, Ruth has a particular interest in working with students of all ages who experience reading challenges, as well as those diagnosed with learning differences and other exceptionalities such as ADHD, anxiety, and executive functioning issues. She is a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario and regularly attends learning conferences to ensure that she is on the leading edge of new research and new methodologies. At her Learning Space, Ruth and her team of highly-qualified educators provide individualized support that emphasizes honoring the individual strengths and needs of each child. Their goal is to provide all students with a strong academic foundation, achieved through active, kinesthetic learning that doesn’t feel like learning at all.

Alpha-Mania Adventures is now available on Amazon,, and Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space.

Visit more information.

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