Rare Essence Academy Founder Essence China is Today’s Honoree

essencechinaEssence China is an accomplished Natural Hair Artist and creator of the signature style “The Essence” feat. the “Biggie Smalls” braids that has been seen all over the world and deemed the most viral Natural Hair Style to date. She is the author of Hair Peace: A natural Hair Anthem, which is a poem that empowers Sistas to rock their Natural with confidence.

In 2004, Essence China, 23 at the time, made history in the state of Arizona, by lobbying the Senate Bill 1159, Essence Farmer vs. The State Board of Cosmetology. Essence’s victory in the case permitted natural hairstylist to perform natural hair services professionally in the state of Arizona without having to obtain a cosmetology license.

Within two years, Essence continued to do what she had mastered her entire life, which was hair and being a proactive businesswoman. Nevertheless, she decided it was time to make her ownership mentality tangible. In May of 2006 at the age of twenty-five, Essence opened the doors to Rare Essence Studio, and the route to building her empire had begun. Just six short years following the opening of the first studio, Rare Essence has been featured in Essence Magazine and won 1st place in a Natural Hair Competition in Atlanta and was deemed No. 1 natural hair studio in the world.

The results of this along with the skill and desire Essence carried for her business and natural hair, granted her the opportunity to open a second hair studio in 2012. In this time, Rare Essence Studio has expanded in its growth in location and clientele. Essence has definitely seen her dreams and vision come into fruition.

Essence, now an owner of two hair studios, has been able to take her passion for natural hair to another level; she has made an impact on hair trends across the country. She has aspired to inspire and empower personal growth, beauty, and knowledge, all from behind the chair. Essence has made good on her word to live a natural lifestyle, she has developed characteristic traits that has not only availed her to be a better stylist, but a better businesswoman as well. Though her journey is far from complete, Essence is doing what she is called to do by changing the world one loc, braid, and twist at a time.

Visit https://www.rareessenceacademy.com/ for more information.

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1 Response to Rare Essence Academy Founder Essence China is Today’s Honoree

  1. John Baumann says:

    Welcome to the “club” and congratulations. If you are aware of any events needing a speaker, please think of me.

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