Author Tracy Lee is Today’s Honoree

tracyleeWhen Tracey Lee’s family was devastated by a traumatic incident, she struggled to see how her life would ever be the same. However, it was not until she realized that she needed to accept the situation and move forward that she was able to find relief.

The importance of coming to terms with the past is what Lee aims to address in her novel, “What Remains.” She focuses on this topic from the perspective of Lily O’Hara, who teams up with a detective to find the truth about a harrowing event that occurred in her childhood to gain closure in her life.

Lee and her husband are guardians for her brother-in-law, who suffered an acquired brain injury after a car accident. She said the situation was extremely challenging and it took her a long time to process what happened.

“From my personal experience, I believe that individuals are capable of recuperating from loss and tragedy,” Lee said. “I know that recovery is a choice and people can either get up and keep going or give up.”

Through Lily’s decisions and struggles, Lee wants to emphasize to readers that they can become stronger individuals if they can accept their past, no matter how tough the reality is.

“Individuals are shaped by prior events in their life, but those circumstances do not have to define them,” Lee said. “It takes courage to recover from painful experiences, but it can be done.”

About the Author:

Tracey Lee is an English teacher at St. Peter’s Anglican College. She has taught English and behavioral science for more than 30 years. Lee received her bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Tasmania and a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Canberra. She resides with her husband in Malua Bay, Australia.

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