COTERIE Company Founder Joanna Bailey is Today’s Honoree

joannabaileyI am an awarded & published event designer, professional foodie, business strategist and multi-passionate entrepreneur with expertise in brand development, efficiency and big scary leaps of faith in the rapidly-evolving knowledge economy. I have had the pleasure of consulting for more than 60 brands + coach people from all walks of life {SAHMs to founders, athletes to politicians}. I help people achieve greater clarity, engagement, fulfillment + impact.

Known as a vocal advocate and leader among female change makers, I work with women who are done apologizing for being awesome. I’m not a one trick pony darling, and neither are you. Stop making excuses for why you have so many balls in the air. It is no one’s business how many projects you take on. I help individuals bring focus to their gifts and understand their greater purpose in life.

I will help you clean house. The first thing most clients say to me is “I think I need to do more of …” or “Should I start doing…?”. We are conditioned to think in more, when the reality is that what you’re likely suffering from is an abundance of things that are jamming up your creative prowess. You don’t necessarily need more. You need better. I start with what needs to be eliminated. If it doesn’t serve you, it goes bye-bye. That rings true for everything, from the club membership you never use to the people in your life who are energy vampires. Is it selfish? No. Self-first is not selfish. Write that down.

I am fiercely committed to helping people come alive through the pursuit of big ideas. My superpowers are helping to craft a compelling vision, collaboratively developing strategy and systems with clear, measurable outcomes, and incorporating the latest tools and technology during the process of execution and feedback. All of this is delivered with a positive, encouraging outlook mixed with Jedi-level organization and structure, and healthy kick-in-the-butt accountability.

I am also passionate about healthy living, and will teach you why what you eat speaks volumes about your self-worth. Why does that matter? Because the drive thru only makes you as cheap + easy as the food you find there. We will talk about your sleep patterns, the relationships that you give your time and energy to, what your core desired feelings are {CDF = core desired feelings} and how all those things = your Vitality Quotient. I don’t care so much about your CV, but your VQ matters big time.

Visit for more information.

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