The Third Shift Authors LaShana Spann and McKinley Horton are Today’s Honoree

thirdshiftbookWe all are aware that October is Brest Cancer Month.. yet, did you know that it’s also Domestic Violence Month as well… meet Co-Authors LaShana Spann and McKinley Horton, The Third Shift

Domestic violence begins with a word and ends with psychological, physical and emotional wounds. Those suffering crave peace of mind and understanding, but often refrain from taking action to escape the situation before it’s too late. Through the stories of eight courageous women, Unsilenced: The Faces of Domestic Violence Survival will assist you in releasing feelings of anger, shame and guilt; and realizing that your story is your voice and your power.

This book is a guide to empower abused and battered women who are seeking spiritual guidance on how to develop the courage to safely escape their abusers, and restore their hope, confidence and joy. Packed with real scenarios, advice, resources and affirmations, readers will be able to:

Recognize the signs, patterns and strategies of an abusive partner •Identify damaging effects of assault, rape, stalking and other abusive situations •Access spiritual and professional help during the relationship and after it’s ended •Confront and overcome fear as you move forward with your life •Create a safe escape plan •Prevent future involvement with potential abusers

#SpeakLife into rebuilding, restoring and reclaiming what is divinely yours because you are no longer a victim. You are a survivor with a testimony that will further heal and liberate yourself, your family and your community from the suffering of domestic violence. Together, we will show you how.

About The Authors:

profile_pic1La Shana Spann was born in Reading Pa in 1973 to Willie Spann and Cynthia Spann. Early years of her life was based on moving from home to home, but her dreams and energy made her stronger in having to endure the unfair turn of events that would shape her life. Not having a father to grow and love, she turned to her Grandfather and Grandmother for moral and spiritual love and help. La Shana was violated by a family member early years of her life, which led her to experience emptiness and trust. She recovered it in finding her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the St James church in Reading Pa .This is where her life got put back together for her to strive and to go forth.

She had a passion in helping others and being a nurse, but motherhood would step in and place another challenge in her path. Most people would have let that stop them at such and early age of peer pressure. But La Shana, she would quote ,”I refuse having a child at an early age get in the way of pursuing my dreams, I shall be a woman and honor my God” in that time period it was much tougher than it is today to have a baby. No MTV shows to rock people about children. The choice was hers to have a baby or abort, she chose life. And in life we learn that La Shana could accomplish her dream and beyond! Even though life can be hard, she made her mark for a better world. “The Third Shift”, an autobiography by former nurse La Shana Spann depicting one woman’s lifelong journey against the odds.

profile_pic2Beginning his professional music career as a teen, McKinley Horton first played keyboards and toured for several years with Harold Melvin and his legendary group, The Blue Notes. Now, a veteran music producer and songwriter, McKinley has created such hits as Vanessa Williams’ smash Dreamin and Eugene Wild’s Gotta Get You Home Tonight. He has been a collaborator with legendary music producers Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Organized Noize, Sleepy Brown & Outkast, TLC, Foxy Brown, CeeLo Green and countless other industry giants. His talents have also contributed to hit film soundtracks for such features as Shaft2000, Snakes On A Plane, Money Train and Miami Vice for Michael Mann.

Today, Mckinley is benchmarking his success in the music world to expand his creatively into television, film, music licensing and book publishing. Most recently he co-authored a book The Third Shift with La Shana Spann, and he continues to build successful brands. He is Chief Operating Officer for Shamack Pictures.

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