Real Food Rehab Creator Penni Shelton is Today’s Honoree

pennisheltonPenni Shelton, is a health & wellness author and the founder of the thriving web community, Real Food Rehab. Penni has spent decades studying, researching, practicing and teaching clean and healthy eating. Fine tuning her diet was an absolute game changer for her physically, and was ultimately the catalyst that opened the door to the bigger picture of her understanding of well-being; body mind and spirit.

Penni Shelton has a powerful story of healing from her debilitating condition of IBS, through embracing a diet rich in raw and living foods. Her story of life transformation first appeared in Carol Alt’s book, The Raw 50. Penni is an award winning blogger at Real Food Tulsa, an avid health food and lifestyle writer.  Penni lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband, 2 children and 3 dogs.

The Real Food Rehab site exists to inspire you to add more REAL food into your life by sharing recipes, photographs, news, inspiration, motivation and educational info.

Visit Penni Shelton at Real Food Rehab

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