Mayas Ideas CEO Maya Penn is Today’s Honoree

mayapennEveryone is talking about Maya S. Penn, the sixteen year-old entrepreneur, animator, eco-designer, philanthropist, coder, and girls’ rights activist. The youngest person to give back-to-back TED Talks, Maya’s TEDWomen Talk has been viewed over 1,200,000 million times and is one of the top 15 TEDWomen Talks of all time. She is the CEO of Maya’s Ideas, a company she started in 2008 when she was just eight years old. Maya creates eco-friendly clothing and accessories that are sold around the world. She loves to use her creativity to give back and donates 10-20% of her profits to local and global charities and environmental organizations.

“If Maya S. Penn and her book You Got This! are any indication, the future belongs to girls and will happen because of them. Passionate, heartfelt, practical, true. A girl-to-girl inspiration. May the life force that is Maya S. Penn usher in a new day!”
– Eve Ensler

Now this amazing teenager has written an inspirational handbook for teens and young adults to help them discover their passions and maximize their full potential for a creative, successful life. In YOU GOT THIS! Unleash your awesomeness, find your path, and change your world, Maya shares her incredible journey and provides an innovative blueprint along with the tools she used to build an authentic, exciting, and connected life.

This magnificent book will show you how to find your passion and how to use it to make your life and the world you live in more fascinating, exciting, and, well, frankly, a happier place. Discover the magic inside you and be the entrepreneur of your own life. Read this book! – Gabrielle Bernstein, N…

Maya is extraordinary in many ways, and her success is a testament to her own creativity, passion, and fearlessness. As she points out, though, these are traits that can be cultivated in all of us. YOU GOT THIS! is filled with ideas and prompts on many topics, including:

* How Do I Put My Ideas into Action?
* Can One Person Really Change the World?
* How Can I Find Friends and Mentors to Support Me?
* Where Will My Path Take Me?

So don’t worry if you don’t yet have a clue about what you want to do in this life or if you feel like your voice isn’t big enough or special enough to be heard: Maya will give you tips to help you discover what makes you unique.

Maya Penn is such an impressive young lady with so much ambition (and enough ideas to fill an entire room). That brain of hers is beautiful, the heart of hers is just as amazing… She has inspired me, and I know she will inspire the world. This book is such a gift. – Nikki Reed, actress, filmmaker,…

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