Author Darragh J. Brady is Today’s Honoree

darraghbradyDarragh J Brady knows what it’s like to live in the limelight; having enjoyed a very successful music career that put him on the UK national charts, dance charts and twice on the ‘Top 40’. But while music has driven his life and fame, what really kept Brady inspired was the sheer depth and enigma of humanity itself.

Brady has literally travelled the world and, in the process, met tens of thousands of people from all cross-sections of society. A deep thinker, it’s no surprise he used these interactions to cut to the very core of what it means to be human.

In an unexpected yet wholly-logical move, Brady now shares his experiences and wisdom in a compelling new book.

‘Road Tales’ is based on the author’s transient life, giving readers a backstage pass into powerful personal interactions that transcend music itself.


Road Tales is a crazy trip across the world and documents a period of time in a British musician’s life, when all that mattered was the music and the road ahead.

It is a testament to other people’s stories rather than the writer, and digs into the mantle of what makes people tick while some people thrive others dive.

The Author was intrigued by the amount of different tales he was hearing from the Aboriginal stolen generation, pushed back to a meagre existence on the fringes of society, to Guatemalan community leaders who would risk their lives to save the greater population of their native people.

Each chapter is bound with a tinge of a rock musician on the edge of chaos finding himself in the strangest locations and situations, like having a gun pointed to his head in a Guatemalan rainforest, to causing mayhem entering the United States, though he always seems to find the beauty in the frail story of human existence.

Road Tales consists of 15 chapters each one a different character from a different part of the world, each with their own archetype that seeks to give insights into the complicated tale of human nature.
Each tale asks questions like, what is altruism? what is faith?, what is guru worship? and what makes certain people reach up from adversity and succeed in being a better person through the challenges they have been given.

“One thing that shocked me time and time again, as I travelled the globe, was how much challenge we’re forced to face in life,” explains Brady. “Off the back of that, I’ve also been blown away by the innate strength we all have to overcome plight and continue to live life with gusto. So, I suppose, this book is a first-hand manifesto of the light that never dies.”

Continuing, “I hope people will use my experiences to reflect upon their own lives and realise that, if people can get through times and trials that completely engulf their happiness, my readers also stand a chance and prospering through adversity. As you’ll see, I’ve lived hard and had a lot of fun in the process!”

About the Author:

Irish born Darragh J Brady is a rock steady musician and writer who is not afraid to go out on the edge if it means bringing something good back from it.

Dar.Ra has graced the UK national charts and dance charts with two top 40’s and two number one dance records with acts signed to EMI, BMG, Festival Records (Australia) plus remixed legends like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears, Urban Harmonix ft Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada) and many others along the way.

Visit Darragh J. Brady for more information.

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