Emerging Leaders Academy Director Clyde Terry is Today’s Honoree

clydeterryClyde Terry is known by many and loved by all, his specialty is bringing awareness of “Life Itself” which has currently transformed the lives of men and women returning home from prison, gang members and individuals who just want positive reinforcement in there daily lives. Clyde Terry has created a path for all walks of life looking to break the cycle of despair and violence.

Sergeant Terry is a 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and former U.S. Marine. In 2003, he took a leave of absence from the Sheriff’s Department to assist the U.S. State Department as an International Police advisor in their rebuilding efforts in Iraq.

The experience changed his life. Soon after his return to Los Angeles, he began working directly with ex-prisoners, gang members and homeless youth to transform their outlook and their lives.

In 2009, Clyde was asked to lead the Sheriff Department’s Emerging Leaders Academy. Only one percent of the participants, that is  (probationers, gang members and parolees newly released from prison),  have failed to remain crime-free. Many have returned to school to obtain their high school diplomas or GED’s and enrolled in college making the efforts that Clyde Terry has fought for something to talk about. Clyde states before one of his Emerging Leaders class starts “I am not here to give you anything,  im just here to remind you what you already have.”

Sheriff Clyde Terry has been making huge efforts to change lives and in most cases has given the belief of life back to individuals who were once thought lost making Sherriff Clyde Terry a real Los Angeles super hero.

Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) is a partnership, between the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Urban League, Goodwill of Southern Los Angeles County and the Agape International Spiritual Center, to create an educational program for gang members, “at risk” persons, new contributors (ex-offenders) and community members.

The Emerging Leaders Academy provides a path of opportunities empowering participants to take a new direction in life. The program was created to provide a life skills component to the participant population, as well as providing them with essential career development skills for traditional employment, opportunities behind the scenes in the film/TV industry, entrepreneurship and creative writing as an alternative to criminal behavior and violence.

Visit Clyde Terry for more information.


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