Author April Kirkwood is Today’s Honoree

Relationship ExpertApril Kirkwood first fell in love with Frankie Valli as a young farm girl in Ohio when she attended her first Four Seasons concert. For nearly a decade after, she and her family attended shows whenever the group came to their area. At age 16, Kirkwood was invited backstage and ended up in bed with Valli that night, sealing the deal on her love for him.

For the next two decades, Kirkwood traveled with Valli numerous times, often being mistaken as the one person she wished she was his wife.

But he would never marry her. Despite being raised by a group of strong women in a house filled with Pentecostal hymns & depression, Kirkwood grappled with the rejection that affected her values, goals, and concept of what kind of man she needs to have to be happy.

Kirkwood struggled with relationships until she had a pivotal conversation with a girlfriend while sunbathing on a beach in Florida. Now Kirkland, a strong yet still fragile woman, shares insights about seldom talked about learned behaviors of lust and romance during critical adolescent times.

Frankie ValliThis relatively untouched developmental milestone is key to raising healthy daughters and to heal areas in a person’s hearts and minds that keep people stuck in repeating dissatisfying romantic commitments.

For every woman who has loved a powerful man and every woman who can’t seem to find a healthy relationship, Kirkwood, who holds two Masters degrees in counseling, has found through intense study and soul searching the right answers to questions about misplaced love.

About The Book:

Big Girls Do Cry is the story that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons fans have been waiting for, a look into the glitz and the glory that was the Jersey Boys’ story as witnessed by one of the group’s biggest fans.

In the tradition of scandalous tell-all’s by rock groupie loyalty like Bebe Buell, Pamela des Barres, and Pattie Floyd comes a feisty and fun new voice: April Kirkwood. Our intrepid narrator is a sassy blonde Ohioan, a fun-loving flirt with a love of music and Italian men. And she has one of the craziest stories in Four Seasons history.

An innocent childhood friendship with one of music’s biggest stars led to a scandalous teenage romance, which soon blossomed into a stormy off-and-on affair for the next few decades. Yet through thick and thin, Kirkwood managed to find time to have a rollercoaster love life that you won’t soon forget.

Visit April Kirkwood for more information.

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