Author Anthony Baxter is Today’s Honoree

51d6dyo6fql-_sy400_A new beginning for oneself, and a future of educating others

A recovering addict and former criminal, Anthony Baxter rebuilt his life and follows his dream of becoming a psychologist. Baxter continues to inspire others who have experienced similar struggles through his inspirational memoir about the long journey from being a prisoner to receiving his PhD.

In his new memoir, “From Prisoner to PhD,” Anthony Baxter discusses rebuilding his life after his criminal past and how one dream and hard work can turn into a miracle. Baxter reminds readers that an education cannot only take you further in life, but others around you as well.

“I have spent the last three decades acting as a professor, research consultant, and community activist seeking positive change in education,” Baxter said.

Baxter guides readers through his traumatic experiences and struggles and shows how he found a new life of hard work and a desire to change other’s lives. Through an inspiring dream and a strong education, Baxter opened this pathway to a new life for himself and other former prisoners and addicts.

“My commitment to stop drinking denotes a turning point away from living my life from the outside in and towards living my life form the inside out,” Baxter said. “Whatever the circumstances that led to the formation of a maladaptive identity, such as prisoner or addict, a person can and should correct the situation by creating a more positive and productive identity.”

About the Author:

Author, Dr. Anthony Baxter, was a high school drop out with a criminal record and addiction issues. Inspired by a dream to become a psychologist, he is now a Stanford graduate and former marine who has come full circle, and teaches others about bouncing back from setbacks in life and how they can use education as a way to redefine themselves. Baxter currently lives in California.

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