Culture Chest Founder Rose Espiritu is Today’s Honoree

roseespirituHi, my name is Rose Espiritu. I am the founder of Culture Chest, a monthly subscription of personalized children’s books and toys about various cultures. I also host a weekly podcast, HustleNRose, interviewing diverse entrepreneurs who have made their mark in tech, creative, and nonprofit ventures.

I earned my B.S. in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University. I originally took the safe route and followed my mother’s footsteps to become a Chiropractor. All the while, something in my gut told me this was not the right career for me. I began working in media/ film production and found my happiness in documentaries.

At 23, I took on the daunting task of filming my own documentary. I conducted over 100 interviews with interracial couples and their bi/multiracial children, as well as interracial families brought together by adoption, to ask about their understanding of their racial identity.

I began working at a technology company in a marketing position while working on my documentary during the day. I attended hackathons, conferences, and read everything I could about the tech industry.

The more time I spent with entrepreneurs, the more I realized they weren’t that different from me. This gave me the confidence to compete.

In Spring 2016, I decided to leverage technology to create a scalable solution for children and families who were underrepresented in the media. My goal is to empower children to take pride in who they are while celebrating others through books and toys.

Visit Rose Espiritu for more information.

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