Author Michael Warren is Today’s Honoree

michaelwarrenMichael Warren is the husband to an amazing woman and the proud father of two sweet and vibrant children. He is a strong advocate for healthy families and knows that he has received a calling on his life to help others. Michael has evolved into an effective spouse and parent as a direct result of discovering the truths contained in Marriage Declassified.

Michael’s passion for family was born out of realizing he was without a healthy model to reference when it came to being a husband. This led to periods of uncertainty and a lack of self governance. After finding the love of his life, all the ignorance and unpreparedness began to surface which made for a rough start. He has set out to become what he couldn’t readily find- a template for a thriving in marriage.

marriagedeclassifiedIn Marriage Declassified, Michael seeks to reveal simple concepts and methods to aid in developing a strong marital partnership for today’s hectic environment. Most couples are distracted and overwhelmed with obligations. The book is built for men who wish to have a higher level of preparedness for marriage. It provides a roadmap for the challenges to come and a compass to help men keep a sense of direction as they navigate marital terrain.

Michael is calling for all men to walk with him through this book and experience the hard won lessons of effective husbands who have been in the trenches and emerged out of them to taste sweet joy and purpose in their marriages.

If you want to have a potent marriage where you are appreciated and encouraged to be the leader your family deserves, then Marriage Declassified is for you.

Visit Michael Warren for more information.

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