Music City Barber College Master Barber David “DL” Hiland is Today’s Honoree

FB_IMG_1472699419327David “DL” Hiland is not only an accomplished ‘Master Cutter’ In the Barber industry; he is a diversified professionally trained individual who has already gone far in an ever changing industry. “DL” is unique in many ways as he is the first and only, Caucasian person to win a major Barber Battle.  His life story is far beyond being told, but already runs from the streets of East Nashville to major success that some only dream of.

Educated and raised in E. Nashville David learned responsibility and sharing at an early age. Like many children, David was raised by his grandmother.  In 1993 he graduated from Stratford High School and later joined the United States Army and proudly served his country. Upon receiving and honorable discharge from the armed forces, he got out took a job earning an honest day’s work as a sanitation engineer.

The job paid bills but didn’t provide much stimulation and his attention turned to the streets. One day he hit a major snag and caught a legal case.  The penalty was no picnic and could have been worse. He paid his debt to society with a lengthy successful probation and monetary fines. Knowing that this was not the path that he wanted to continue down, he later took full advantage of his Montgomery G.I. Bill and enrolled in Barber College.

His mother knew that he was a talented Barber and told him that one day that he was going to be a great barber. Like any son he wanted to make his mother proud and for her to see him excel and succeed in life. Unfortunately she passed away a few months afterwards and never saw this with her own eyes. David takes comfort in knowing that she is watching him from heaven.

After school “DL” came out of the proverbial gate full force and opened 3 barber shops. One titled “Off the Top” at two separate locations in Nashville, TN. And “Hair we Are” also in Nashville.  Other cornerstones of his success can be attributed to his ongoing willingness to learn and in keeping a positive attitude. He learned and harnessed a great deal of conventional and un-conventional lessons for other hair industry colleagues.  Some of which include legendary cutters of the Detroit “Motown” Michigan scene stylist like: “Mr. Kevin Little”,  ‘Tracey Gilliam” of Prestige Magazine and “Big Bad D”. Their nick names enhance their character and hard earned work experience and each of them are quite real.

Another stream of education and investing is even more unique as it stems from world famous Master Barber Vernon Winfrey. Entrepreneur, Mentor, Teacher and Father of Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey. As  “DL” remains forever grateful for all who helped him get to where he is today, the endearment that he feels for surrogate Dad and master trainer Winfrey, beams proudly from his face when spoke about.  He proudly spoke about how he sat at Mr. Winfrey’s knee for years listening, learning and taking it all in. Captivating everything he could about a business that is still dear to him to this very day. Be it sweeping the floors or the ABC’s of seamless customer service, Mr. Vernon Winfrey shared the knowledge freely with David.

Today David “DL” Hiland is at the top of his game and holds a title and position that did not come easy at all, a “Barber Battle Master”. That too came with years of hard work and staying the course.  The competitions before winning the top shelf trophy and grand prize of $25,000 (twice) began with him hosting the noted “ Music City Hair Battle”  in Nashville for 3 years (2010-  2012)  Such an ever changing industry garners respect and showmanship, two of the industry hallmarks with more to follow. “DL” still commanded (and still commands) center stage with the “Music City Hair Battle” show and those which came afterwards.

At the American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI) in Chicago, IL. “DL” walked off with a 3rd place win. The Spectrum International Beauty Expo Barber Battle allowed him more experience and bragging rights in LAX (Los Angeles, CA) with a 1st place win. Giving new meaning to the terms:  “lights, camera, action”, Hiland was invited to battle in the prestigious Bronner Brothers Hair Show in the ATL (Atlanta, GA) and later to teach a class there. After winning second place on his first invite (Est. $5,500) he went on to win the top prize of $25,000.00 two years in a row, all in the Grand Barber Battle category. The literal Golden Gloves, scissors and clippers of the esteemed hair world.

Today Battle Master Hiland is a Master Instructor at one of America’s most noted and credentialed Barber Colleges – “Music City Barber College.”  Uchendi “Chin” Nwani is also a Master Instructor who helps the Music City Barber College run like a well oiled machine. Teaching the students all aspects of becoming licensed barbers and perhaps, one day opening and running their own Barbershops. The two have been friends for years and each one owned their own Barber Shop, but they later merged into “Music City Barber College.”

Family has always been important to David and his four beautiful children each have the initials “DL” in their names. They are; Eldest daughter and Barber/Salon Owner Destiney Lachay 19, son Davion LaChristian,  son and football player Davez Lavont age 6, and  7 year old daughter and professional Model Daija LeNai.

The school is currently accepting inquiries for students for the next semester and course on how to become Barbers or on how to own a Barber School is available too through an appointment only basis. To learn more about  world class Master Barber, 2 time Golden Glove Living Legend David “DL” Hiland, “ How to be a Champion Barber”, “How to Retire From Behind the (Barber) Chair” , other bestselling industry books or to obtain more information about the school including enrollment for upcoming classes please inquire via the contact information below.

Email: (615) 420-0349 or (615) 227-2665. Follow Music City Barber College via Social Media: Face book – Music City Barber College, Instagram: Music Barber College.

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