Author Steven Norris is Today’s Honoree

News ImageWhat if the real lineage of Jesus isn’t what historians and theologians have known it to be for the past 2,000 years? What if Jesus wasn’t in fact “meek and mild,” but rather rich and powerful? What if his supposed father, Joseph of Nazareth, was actually the son of Cleopatra VII?

In his new book, “Unraveling the Family History of Jesus,” author Steven Norris reveals these and many other new details about the extended family of Jesus. Thanks to a genealogical study 45 years in the making, Norris provides the complete history of Jesus’ family from four generations before his birth to the two after him and conclusively shows just how many people in the Bible, and famous extra-Biblical figures, were actually directly related to Jesus.

“So much of what the Christian faith is based off of is the history of Jesus the human being and his family,” Norris said. “The fact that what we’ve been taught for so many years is false will change many theological discussions forever.”

Norris studied theology in seminary and has also been studying genealogy for over 45 years. As he dove deeper into his study of his family history, he learned that he was related to many Biblical persons, including the extended family of Jesus – a finding that led him to pursue the findings published in “Unraveling.”

“The more we come to learn about Jesus and his family, the more proof Christians have of his divine existence as well,” Norris said.

About the Author:

Steven Donald Norris studied graduate-level theology at The School of Theology in Claremont, Calif. and has combined his avocational interest in genealogy with his research into the history of the family of Jesus to produce “Unraveling the Family History of Jesus” and other soon to be released books. Steven currently resides in the mountains above San Bernardino, Calif.

Visit Steven Norris for more information.

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