Know Your Worth Radio Host Aaron Jordan is Today’s Honoree

AaronJordanAaron Jordan Jr. aka ‘Mr. Know Your Worth ‘Making a Variable Difference in the Lives of Many

By Deborah A. Culp

Aaron Jordan Jr. is called by many names and each of them has been well earned. ‘Mr. Know Your Worth’ (KYW) stems from his ‘Know your Worth’ Movement which includes (but is not limited to) an Annual Women’s Conference, bestseller listed books, workbooks to accommodate the books, a radio show and focus group for the show and workshops.  A bevy of speaking engagements – which can be tailored to fit the intended audiences and a soon, a full tangible product line to further crystallize the KYW brand and movement ahead.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               His audiences consist of both men and women, but mainly women. Teaching was clearly a part of his calling. He doesn’t get it twisted and he faithfully shares honest, key information with his eager audience. Via his impacting radio show (Know Your Worth) or in a seminar or public speaker setting. “Know when your Boo is being straight with you”, sounds catchy? Perhaps but in order to reach deep, he goes deep. The “Know Your Worth Brand” is all about educating his audience (no matter what size) about their invaluable, self worth. If one doesn’t know their worth, they may have no worth and it shows in their daily walk.  So often it’s the first step in allowing others to decrease another person’s value.

On Sunday, October 2, 2016 “Know Your Worth Presents 2nd Annual – Know Your Worth KYWWomen’s Relationship Conference Come Walk the Purple Carpet In Nashville.”  This year’s impacting guest speakers and participants are: Lady Shaunte’, Stellar Award Winning  Radio Personality and Mistress of Ceremonies, Tiffany Harden, CEO Once In a Wifertime- Speaker, Jae Henderson, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Michael Warren, Author, Speaker & Radio Personality and noted Reality TV Stars & Ministry Leaders, Marcus and Latisha Tankard.

As it did last year, a portion of the event proceeds will benefit the Mending Hearts, Inc organization. Based in the heart of Nashville, TN., and Mending Hearts, Inc.  Welcomes all clients who are seeking change from a life of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Aaron and the KYW brand and conference deals with a plethora of life situations: abused, domestic violence, low or no self esteem. Self loathing, substance abuse issues or spiritual bankruptcy, these are just a few issues that he and his team, (including his lovely wife Ashley Jordan) has helped raise awareness about and even more importantly, he has helped countless individuals to get to a better place in their lives, and stay there. Hence the  basis of the “Know Your Worth” Brand.

It didn’t happen overnight, one day Aaron and his supporters saw that the “Know Your Worth” brand had become a global movement. Through years of hard work, through a combination of components. Such as social media and his radio show, various speaking engagement and more.  Why? Because he and his concept are very real and they both get down and stay on point!

Support by his beautiful wife and life partner Mrs. Ashley Jordan, we asked her to briefly describe “her Aaron” and the reply was genuine, heartfelt and brought tears of joy to our faces.

“It’s true that they say opposites attract. My husband is very outgoing and I’m very reserved and actually quite shy. Nevertheless we work. He prayed for God to send him his God’s gift. My prayer list was a lot more detailed and very specific and God gave me above and beyond what I asked for or imagined in a husband. Neither of us can see ourselves without the other. Our love grows exponentially daily. Two imperfect people in an imperfect marriage that Gods love brought together so therefore, we ride the waves of this journey the best way we know how, holding on to each other for dear life and coasting,” stated Ashley.

*So save the date and mark it down now, join him at the “Know Your Worth Presents 2nd Annual Know Your worth Women’s Relationship Conference – Come Walk the Purple Carpet In Nashville.”

Tickets are affordably prices and there is still time for Sponsorships and to help support a deserving movement. The Sunday October 2nd event will be held at the Cool Springs Marriot, 700 Cool Springs Boulevard, Franklin, TN 37067 – (615) 208-3261

Visit Aaron Jordan for more information.

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