Reality TV Star Nick Tokman is Today’s Honoree

NickTokman“There is something intrinsically inside us that compels us to do what we want to do. By ignoring that voice inside us, we are not ourselves completely. By changing that voice inside us, we change the world into a better world collectively.”

Nick Tokman, a.k.a. “Sunshine” from the Emmy-winning show “Deadliest Catch” (Discovery Channel) has never been afraid to turn his dreams into reality. For the last four years, Nick has had one of the most dangerous jobs in the world as a commercial crab fisherman in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. On a daily basis, he has worked 20+-hour days wrestling 800-pound steel crab pots, 30’ rogue waves, extreme cold and freezing spray.

Nick is a native of Western Massachusetts. He graduated from the prestigious John Molson School of Business in Montreal, QC, while making ends meet by being a suit salesman by day, a janitor by night and delivering pizza on the weekends.  One day, in his grandparents’ living room, his grandfather introduced him to “Deadliest Catch”. Nick immediately felt a strong passion and an inner calling to go crab fishing in Alaska. Although his family did not want him to go, and even cut off funding for school, Nick went to Alaska in search of work. After running out of money, pawning the gold necklace his mother gave to him, struggling through a series of setbacks and staying in a homeless shelter, Nick eventually found his dream job on a dreamboat, the “Northwestern.”

At 27, Nick achieved his dream of becoming a successful crab fisherman. Now, he’s leaving the show to pursue a path as a motivational speaker as he shares his story and inspires others, especially children, to pursue their dreams.

Visit Nick Tokman for more information.


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