Author Joshua Derowe is Today’s Honoree

51lJom_3ImL._SY400_Sometimes the life being lived isn’t all it could be. One author shows just how much can be accomplished and cherished in one lifetime.

In “Green Memories,” author Joshua Derowe entices readers with an in-depth look at his life as a loyal Irishman, the trials and tribulations he endured and the true love that made it all worth it. Derowe wished for one thing before his death, for his sons to finish the story following his life and the love story that continues on.

“My father lived an extraordinary life,” Derowe’s son said. “He lived 10 lifetimes compared to others living today and everyone should have the ability to live the way he did.”

Derowe spent his last few years writing his memories from years past with the hope that his sons would finish the process for him. Today, though Derowe is no longer here, his stories and his past live on through his sons and in his book.

“My father wanted his words and his memories to live on,” Derowe’s son said. “My brother and I have put everything we have into making sure his dreams and his wishes were met.”

About the Author:

Joshua Derowe was born in 1914 in Belfast, Ireland, and spent his life as many different people: solider, worker, husband, father. He and his wife Rita raised two sons in New Jersey where they worked hard and fast for the lives they always wanted for their children.

Visit Josuah Derowe for more information.

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