Actress/ TV Host Chandrise Ross is Today’s Honoree

Chandrise Ross's Profile Photo

Chandrise Ross was born to Mr. and Mrs. David Ross, of Atlanta Georgia native Georgia Peach. She was the 5th born out of six, five girls and one boy she was the baby girl. She  have always been energetic and headstrong!

At a young age Ms. Ross went to her mother to let her know she wanted to pursue a career in modeling and acting. She always wanted to be on television but her mother came flat out and said no without even giving her a chance to see what she could do as far as modeling and acting. At that time when her mother said no she started reading and learning about the business.

Ms. Ross became a mother at the young age of 18 again another stepping stone already family against her but that did not stop Ms. Ross sister telling her it’s too late it’s over for you. Mr. Ross did not let that stop her she kept pushing. She would audition for extra parts like, FLED (where she took her son with her) and MISS EVER BOYS.

Ms. Ross fell off for a minute. She could not get acting and modeling out of her head so in 2007 a young lady asked Ms. Ross to come to her show and talk about pole dancing lessons. Ms. Ross ended up interviewing her guest and she asked her on the spot to be a part of her show. That was Tracy Crews of NEO SOUL TV. Ms. Ross was with Ms. Crews for four years.

It was time for Ms. Ross show in 2011 she took the class and received her producer certification and walked away with her own show CHANDRISENAKED/CHANDRISETV
and now CHANDRISEREBUILDING. Ms. Ross is also still working with BORN AGAIN

Visit Chandrise Ross for more information.

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