Author AD Denning is Today’s Honoree for Friday May 13th, 2016

ADDenningMillions got to know Aylan for all of the wrong reasons – a Syrian toddler lying face-down on the beach, dead; a chilling reminder that war is real. But, just as millions suffer at the plight of the world’s spinning political machines, politicians themselves also call themselves victims for a very different set of struggles. Generous humanitarian gestures lead to tensions across the continent leaving political futures fragile.

In ‘Refuge’, AD Denning’s new novel, he pits both viewpoints together and challenges readers to question every shred of their preconceptions. Perfectly fusing fact with fiction, Denning’s novel has a fierce impact on reality.


With Europe facing a deluge of refugees, several leaders facing losing their political careers and the prospect of a Brexit threatening the world economy, a think tank comes up with an innovative yet contentious solution that turns the crisis on its head and could save the continent from the abyss. At the same time, a young Syrian family faces its own life threatening crisis and desperately makes a bid to escape from certain death and tragedy.

As the political wrangling unfolds in opulent European surroundings there is the contrast with a daily struggle for survival to reach safety through Syria and Turkey until eventually the two dramas unite and the main protagonists meet.

This page turning novella encapsulates the nerve jangling struggles of the family and the political struggles of European leaders as they try to reach agreement across a philosophically divided continent.

A “must read” for anyone interested in the refugee crisis, European politics and Brexit, this novella will challenge your views, make you consider some radical ideas and entertain you.

“The sad fact is that, putting media spin aside, the only real periscope the world had into the Syrian refugee crisis was the deplorable image of Aylan lying face-down in the sand. Literature is a bold vehicle for change and, through stories like mine, we can change this,” explains Denning. “I take readers deep inside the refugee crisis as well as the “other side” of politicians’ careers. It’s a holistic view that could just change their minds and force them to challenge the norm for the rest of their lives.”

Continuing, “The narrative and its message are all the more important right now with the onslaught of buzz surrounding Brexit – a move which, in itself, could ripple around the world both positively and negatively. My story doesn’t take sides, but instead asks readers to consider some radical new ideas and fight for tangible change.”

With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

About the Author:

AD Denning is a senior executive in a financial organisation and has extensive international experience, spanning the Middle East, Asia and Europe.


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