National Leadership Group, Inc. Executive Director Beverly Brewster is Today’s Honoree for Monday May 9th, 2016

Beverly Brewster is the CEO & President of The National Leadership Group, Inc. and the Executive Producer for “Touch one touch a Generation” documentary. This documentary was the results of a dream that God gave her on January 27th, 2007. The dream revealed that there are many generations of people living in the projects and inner cities and they don’t know how to get out. Beverly believes if you can touch one and help them get out you can save a generation from growing up in that type of environment. Her plans in accomplishing this is by setting up workshops in the projects all over the nation and helping the people first to develop character and self-esteem. The workshops will also help the people identify their gifts and talents, develop them and use them to move to a better way of life. Her mission is to change the lives of people one generation at a time.

Ms. Brewster is an ordained minister of God and love to see God’s people live the abundance life. She has touched the lives of many people. She has traveled throughout the nation teaching the people that everyone have gifts, skill or talents. Everyone prosperity is tied to their gifts and talents.

She is the mother of Brian, Brandi and Josh. She is also the grandmother of Mikayla Simone.

Visit Beverly Brewster for more information.

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