Noire3000 Photo Studios CEO James C. Lewis is Today’s Honoree for Thursday May 5th, 20167

JamesCLewisJames Cornelius Lewis is a native of Statesboro, GA, following graduation from High School he relocated to Atlanta,GA where he received his undergraduate degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Atlanta.

After working in the corporate world of advertising & marketing for 10yrs, James decided to launch his own photography studio in 2008. Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios is a one stop creative shop located in the great city of Atlanta,GA. This studio offers you the best of photography, graphic design and illustration. In October 2013 James was invited to London,England for his very first International Photo Exhibition entitled THE ORISHA EXPERIENCE.

Following this great success, his works went on to be featured in the National Museum of Modern Culture in Stockholm, Sweden, along with commissioned works for the Tabanka Crew African Peoples Dance Ensemble of Oslo, Norway. James is also the visionary behind the 2014 photo series entitled ICONS OF THE BIBLE, where he depicted all of the biblical
characters as people of color. As of 2016 James has gone on to begin another series entitled AFRICAN KINGS which is currently on exhibition in  Paris France from May 3rd – May 8th.

To view more of James’s work please visit:

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