Author Tracey McLean is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday May 3rd, 2016

TracyMcLeanAn Award winning Author Tracey Mclean is a Virginia native. She is the CEO of Adyme Enterprise. Tracey Mclean has a vivid imagination that she loves sharing with you and she lets you in her world of imagination with her books and music. Tracey Mclean first book Shaquana Hill (Stripped) is based on a true story and the book also has a sound track. Author Tracey McLean Is very strong in her beliefs and put GOD before all. Her favorite quote “Many follow but few are chosen.” Author Tracey Mclean is (CHOSEN). Every book has a sound track.

Award winning author, dancer, possessor of a vivid imagination, Virginia native Tracey Mclean is a Richmond success story.  Mother of ten, stepmother of eight, Tracey Mclean understands the importance of diligence and dedication. CEO of Adyme Enterprise, Tracey never turns down an opportunity for greatness; staring in a new reality show called Baby Momma’s is just the tip of the iceberg.

TraceyMcLeanAs to date, Tracey Mclean has released a variety of literature, from fiction to autobiographical under her own publishing company Adyme Publishing. Her most notable pieces are [Shaquana Hill?] Stripped is based on a true story (about what?), Memoirs of a Baby Mother, Dirty Laundry, Memoirs of a Baby Father,  erotic series called Chocolate and children series called King Uriah, all accompanied by themed soundtracks.  Multifaceted, Tracey McLean is very spiritual person who believes in putting God first in all things. Her favorite quote “Many follow but only a few are chosen” has been proven prophetic when it comes to Tracey’s life, personally and professionally.

Under the umbrella of Adyme Enterprise is Tracey musical endeavor Adyme Entertainment; where she manages up and coming local/regional break through artists such as (VTG- VA The Group AJA’The Group JAZZMENN ZOE, TROY THE RaPPER, TAEM pl??)

Currently, Tracey is working as a talk show host of her own show The Tracey Mclean Show.

Visit Tracey McLean for more information.

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