Afro-Deeziak TV Co-Host Gracie L. Phoenix is Today’s Honoree for Monday May 2nd, 2016

GraciePhoenixGrace L. Phoenix is a US native, born in Detroit, Michigan – home of the
Motown Era. She is widely known as “Gracie Phoenix” or “The Lady Gracie”.
Gracie grew up with a natural love for all types of musical genres. As she
grew older, she started to explore music from different cultures around the
world. Being introduced to so many different styles of music is what
motivated her get involved in the music industry.

In 2009, she traveled to Dakar, Senegal and Brazzaville, Congo and was
introduced to African music. Being that Gracie is African American, the
connection to African music was natural and effortless so, Gracie decided
to stick with it. Because Gracie has always had an ear for good music, she
thought it best to find great artists and help promote them; hence, G.P.
International Music group was born and was founded in early 2010.

In 2011, she began looking for and eventually promoting African music
artists via her radio show: Afro-Deeziak Radio which aired on the TradioV
Network (Formerly known as WKRP Radio) and in a very short while, her name
gradually began to grow in African communities globally. Within a few
months of promoting only African music, Gracie added Caribbean music to the
roster, since African music and Caribbean music can blend very easily and
because the audience for both genres are similar in demographic.

During the 2011 BET Awards, Gracie traveled to Los Angeles to interview the
African nominees. She had a chance to Interview Fally Ipupa, Tuface Idibia
and David Monsoh. Gracie has had the pleasure of inviting Ghanaian
comedian, Michael Blackson as a live guest in the studio and has
subsequently interviewed various African & Caribbean music artists such as:
Dencia, Kelly Hansome, Zone Fam, Maurice Kirya, Tolumide and Mr. Vegas

For the 2011 Bite My Music Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Gracie was a
celebrity judge for the African music category. Gracie has also been
featured in magazines and newspapers in Zambia and Malawi.

In fall of 2015, Gracie teamed up with The Specialists Network and began
filming for her TV show: Afro-Deeziak TV with her co-host, Khysin Bless.
Afro-Deeziak TV airs on Comcast Networks, channel 26 in Atlanta, GA and is
launching in Summer of 2016. We showcase music videos from African and
Caribbean artists. Afro-Deeziak TV also gets exclusive interviews from
major R&B, Hip Hop and Neo Soul music artists to show our audience that we
have a love for all musical genres. We have interviewed Mobb Deep, The
Floacist of Floetry and Method Man and Redman. And many more are on the
way! We are always accepting music vidoes from arising artists as well. Gracie’s passion for anything related to Afro/Caribbean Entertainment arts is unparalleled!

Visit Gracie Phoenix for more information.

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