Model and Actor Kellen Marcus is Today’s Honoree for Thursday April 28th, 2016

KellemMarcusWhen you think of a person that will go to extreme measures to be successful, think of Kellen Marcus. He has proving multiple times that he has what it takes in the acting and modeling industry. Marcus has been featured in “Disney’s let it shine on Disney Network, “Single Ladies” on BET Network, “U.S.A Satisfaction on NBC Universal/Sony, he mastered the character “Ted” in the movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and played as “Camron” in a short film called Frat Life. He also has an extensive modeling career.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Kellen was adopted at 3 months by a married couple who raised him as their own. He currently resides in Atlanta, Ga where he studies Marketing Major at Georgia Southern University.  His parents saw the multi-talented abilities within him and knew they had been given a child who is destined with a purpose. Kellen is a humble, energetic, loyal, funny, hardworking, smart, self-motivate and determined leader.  Moreover, he is very well-rounded and can adapt to any environment or setting.

At a young age, he began to realize that he was talented in many areas. One of his first passions was playing sports. During his high school years he took many by storm in the game of football and basketball, he decided to take his career further by participating in Rugby, playing on the collegiate and Men’s Division l levels respectively. He enjoyed the pace and the physical and mental challenges that come with controlling the ball, and ultimately winning games. As he got older he continued to discover more of his talents such as acting, modeling, singing and his writing continued to develop as well. As an adult, he took his acting and modeling serious by going to training to better his skills and learning more techniques. Kellen

Kellen lives by his favorite quote, “Life and everything in the universe were created on positive energy. So why would you ever think that it’s against you?”  He strongly professes that everything is a thought process and based on optimistic thoughts, negativity is a choice. He truly believes in making a connection with a higher source, and strives to create positive vibes in everything he does. In hopes of one day making a name known for himself, he wishes that it will help connect him to his biological parents.  He stands firm in his love for God and his belief of staying and doing things in His will. Kellen understands that although he is imperfect, being transparent will allow others to see he flaws, struggles, and mistakes. All in all, you will witness a seed grow into a deeply rooted tree that will share its fruits with others. He is definitely equipped to take the world by storm with his multi-talented approach to living to the fullest of his ability and making his career path a beacon of light and inspiration to those around him.

Visit Kellen Marcus for more information.

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