Gotham City Films Founder and Heroes Haven Author Mario Simone is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday April 26th, 2016

HEROHavenWhat are the true qualities of a hero? Are superhuman abilities and good intentions enough, or does one need to dive deeper to find the hero within? Heroes Haven, the breakout graphic novel by Gotham City Films founder Mario Simone, explores this very question through a cast of complex characters, a riveting storyline and stunningly beautiful art.

Set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, scientists are developing a drug called V-1, designed to awaken the ‘Superhero DNA Code’ in the human body. As V-1 testing commences, the drug begins to ‘synergize,’ awakening extraordinary gifts like healing, super strength, visions and telekinesis in its subjects.

In the dark shadows, a secret society is stealing the drug to test on death row inmates and create immortal super soldiers. As their power grows, the imminent dangers of tyranny and oppression now face all of mankind. The battle begins to control the drug that will create a new world order. The only hope to save humanity? The societal outcast test subjects from Heroes Haven. It’s up to them to decide if they will ‘Awaken Their Inner Hero’ and fight for the freedom of mankind.

Clever, refreshingly complex, and sure to resonate with lovers of pop culture, graphic novels, and great storytelling alike, Heroes Haven:

  • Deals with character psychology and emotional obstacles in a true drama setting
  • Features ‘villains’ with a true purpose in the story, who are not entirely bad people—you may, in fact, be tempted to root for them
  • Explores themes of terrorism, religion, resurrection, life-after-death, and secret societies — like the Illuminati and the Masons — trying to create an idealized world
  • Promotes the concept that one can ‘Awaken Their Inner Hero’ to become their best self

Visit Mario Simone for more information.

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